We use YouTube ads to help Real Estate Companies scale with predictability.

Deal directly – and exclusively – with customers who are actively looking for a real estate company.

Real Estate leads using the power of YouTube ads.

We help real estate businesses in avoiding the competition on Facebook and Google and utilizing YouTube ads instead. It's a brand-new, underutilized advertising platform with enormous potential for early adopters. This is how we help our clients succeed.

We only work with real estate firms. We solely advertise on YouTube.

We are a specialized real estate leads service that exclusively works with real estate companies in the USA. We do not work with any other industry or in any other country. We use YouTube ads to find and attract qualified, motivated clients who are "ready to buy."

Leads that consistently convert. Quality.

Our clients agree that compared to leads obtained through Google, Facebook, Instagram, or any other type of traffic channel in the past, our leads are more affordable to purchase, quicker to close, and more trustworthy to close.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to see results using your strategy?

We set everything up for you in around 5 working days, after which we begin running your advertising. The first day your ads run, results in the form of scheduled appointments may start to show. However, we anticipate that it will take a few days for the particular setup we've made for you to fully take.

As results start to come in, we continue to tweak your advertising, looking for little ways to boost overall performance. It can take three to four weeks. However, you will be getting appointments while we run the magnitude of the campaign required to maintain your business completely booked throughout. Before we start your ad campaign, you need to be equipped to handle the influx of appointments and orders.

Why do you only use YouTube? Why not broaden your ad platforms portfolio?

Different platforms perform quite differently for real estate agencies. Some are quite expensive and very competitive, particularly Google ads. Others hardly ever work.

We have first hand knowledge of this.

However, we are aware of the one source that consistently produces exclusive leads for real estate firms, and that is YouTube.

YouTube has been our unchallenged leader in appointment generation in terms of lead quality and cost.

And because we only work with real estate agents and exclusively use YouTube, we have extraordinary experience in lead generation.

Because we can precisely identify audiences utilizing YouTube's robust audience capabilities.

If you truly understand how to use YouTube, you can accomplish this. Since we are experts at advertising on YouTube, we have also helped hundreds of real estate brokers in increasing their annual earnings by millions of dollars each.

We're going to continue with YouTube until a platform arises that can compete with it. It's effective!

Why don't you work with real estate firms with annual revenues of less than $1 million?

When you succeed, so do we. Your success determines how successful we are.Smaller businesses have in the past been unable to handle the additional consumer flow and have been forced to halt their marketing initiatives. Consequently, they cease using our services until they figure out how to manage their own business.

We need companies that can handle the increased business and keep the revenue flowing.

Larger companies—those with annual revenue of $1 million or more—have already figured out how to manage heavier workloads. Their procedures are stronger. They have competent employees working there.

Instead of having to start from scratch, they can expand what they already do to deal with a very fast uptick in business.

Working with clients who can handle it is what we seek.

Why do I need to be qualified in order to work with you?

Small real estate firms with a limited amount of experience won't be able to handle the leads we send them.

We've witnessed it before.

They are overpowered. As a result, they must stop their advertising effort, reorganize, and figure out how to deal with this unexpected circumstance.

This implies that our services won't be needed for a while, which is bad for our firm.

Larger $1 to $10 million businesses, meanwhile, already have everything in place.

They'll quickly adapt even if the additional flow of leads is first difficult to manage because they've already established their best procedures and have competent personnel in place. They just need to scale up what they're already doing.

Big real estate firms do not need to learn how to be bigger real estate firms; they just have to expand their current set-up.

When our efforts result in you receiving payment, we make money.

Small businesses turning things off because they're overwhelmed don't help our bottom line. We want to make sure you can handle new business as it comes in because our growth is closely tied to yours.

Will it not damage my business if you work with another real estate company in my area?

That will not happen.

We make sure a new client is a good fit for us before accepting their business. To put it another way, we first qualify them (just like we do for new clients you have).

Does our company already have a client in the region you serve? is one of those requirements.

We often decline to work with clients whose businesses compete with those of clients we already have.

So, rest assured, if you are our client, we will not take on a new client in your area of operation.

We offer a ROI of 100%. You won't be charged if we fail to deliver. Just like that.

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